Enact 1st October 2013
Representative director & President Toshihiro Inaba

Kings Auto Co., Ltd. delivers top-quality used vehicles from Japan to customers around the world.

Within our business, we we understand our responsibility of protecting private information. And we follow the rules and regulations of treating private information and individual rights.

Also we declare that we set up management system to protect private information in order to realize below company policy, and continuously improve it by all company with updating the latest IT technology, movement of social requirement, shift of management environment.

  1. Private information shall be obtained, used and provided within the limit of necessary range for running our proper import & export business operation and employment of staff and human resource management. We will take action not to handle private information over the necessary range of limited purpose.
  2. We strictly follow the rules, regulations, guide lines and laws established by the Japanese government for protecting private information.
  3. We will continuously improve our security system of private information with possible management resources, against risk of leakage, loss or damage. And if something above said happen, we will correct our system immediately.
  4. We will handle quickly and properly complains and consultancy relating to private information protection.
  5. We continuously improve our private information management system with considering environment of our company.

This company policy is announced to all employee, and open for everybody by putting in our compay brochure.

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KINGS AUTO COMPANY LIMITED Administration, privacy policy in charge
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